Why Adopting The "Shoshin Mindset" Can Transform Your Business In The Age of AI

In the age of AI-driven change, the top performers aren't just working harder – they're thinking differently.

In today’s Future Friday…

  • The “Shoshin Mindset” of Top Performers (and Its Connection to AI)

  • AI Mavericks: Your Shortcut to AI Domination in the New Era

  • Why Your Old Skills Could Be Hurting Your Business (and how top performers stay ahead)

  • AI Hype vs. Real Results: The Type of Guidance You Need to Succeed

  • Overwhelmed by AI? This Founder Community is Your Shortcut to Clarity

  • Mistral Beats the Big Names with "Mistral Large"

Let's take a break from all the technical AI strategies and jargon for a moment.

It’s Friday… allow yourself to relax. Close those browser tabs filled with AI research.

Reflect on just how far you've come in building your business. It might challenge everything you think you know about scaling in this AI era.

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Dissecting the DNA of Success

"What is the difference between number one in anything and everyone else?"

This is the question that's haunted experts, driven the ambitious, and kept many founders up at night. They say success leaves clues. But what if the most important clue has been hiding in plain sight?

In the age of AI-driven change, the top performers aren't just working harder – they're thinking differently.

In today’s Future Friday, we’re about to introduce you to someone who's made a three-decade-long career out of dissecting these mindsets.

This expert has interviewed Tony Robbins and Sarah Blakelys of the world and turned their insights into best-selling books.

He's uncovered the mindsets and habits that consistently make the difference between the good and the truly exceptional.

So, prepare to dive into some mind-bending insights that might just help you tap into your own 'number one' potential.

ℹ️ Why This Matters Today

AI has exploded onto the scene. Blink, and it has transformed the whole landscape.

[AI] moves so fast that whatever it is that made you you, that superhuman power you had in business, that one thing that you could always go back to, that silver bullet in your holster, your superhero power five years ago, is your baggage today.

The best of the best know this – and they're adapting at a speed that could leave the rest in the dust.

🏆 Golden Nuggets

  • The traits that make someone successful change over time. Don't get complacent, what worked yesterday might not work today.

  • Today's top performers prioritize continuous learning. This is even more critical in the age of rapid AI advancements.

  • Approaching situations with openness and the willingness to learn (even as a seasoned expert) helps you see new possibilities and stay ahead.

  • The pace of change means relying on old strategies or skills will hold you back. You need to constantly learn and unlearn.

Success isn't static. It's a shapeshifter, constantly demanding new skills and strategies.

Scott Duffy, founder and CEO of AI company Courus, has witnessed this evolution firsthand.

Scott discovered that since COVID, the top dogs are playing by a whole new set of rules.

And those rules center around one thing: a relentless, almost obsessive drive to learn.

“The difference that makes the difference between everybody number one and number two, and what the top performers all tell me is one thing… It is this passion, it is this commitment. It is this absolute obsession with learning, with learning.”


They tap into something called "Shoshin" – a Buddhist concept meaning "beginner's mind."

Think of legends like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Even at the pinnacle of the game, they approached each match as if it were their first.

This openness allowed them to make split-second adjustments and spot opportunities invisible to others.

That same need for relentless adaptation is magnified tenfold in the AI age.

Staying ahead means constantly questioning assumptions, embracing experimentation, and shedding the baggage of outdated strategies.  

It's about being a perpetual student, even if you're already the CEO.

That little bit, that 1% distinction, that ability to come in fresh, is what made the difference between number one and number two.

💰 Impact On Your Business

  • A beginner's mind keeps you agile. Instead of getting blindsided by industry shifts, you'll spot opportunities early.

  • Approaching challenges with fresh eyes unlocks unique approaches competitors might overlook.

  • Constantly learning means you'll make better decisions about where to invest time and money.

  • People who love to learn are naturally drawn to companies with the same mindset. Building an adaptable, growth-focused culture is key to recruiting the best and brightest minds.

Advice vs. Counsel: Why the Right Guidance Matters in the AI Age

At this point, your inbox is probably an avalanche of AI newsletters. Webinars promise to unlock its secrets, consultants pitch game-changing strategies, and everyone seems to be an expert. 

The good news: You're not alone. 

The may-or-may-not-be-so-great news: This AI overwhelm is a deeper issue for business leaders. 

“Founders are overwhelmed. They are uncertain. They're focused on their lane of execution and their core goals, and then they're aware that AI is a very big disruptor in whatever they're doing and that their competitors are starting to apply. But they're just like, there's so many things happening. And that analysis by paralysis, essentially, overall, well, it's true.”

But there's a way to cut through the noise and find clarity. And it starts with understanding the critical difference between advice and counsel.

Advice, Scott explains, is what you get from your well-meaning aunt who swears by the latest productivity app.  

Counsel, on the other hand, comes from someone who's walked a mile in your shoes, navigated the same challenges, and knows the unique landmines of your industry.

“So I think that the skill that we need to learn as business leaders is this ability to understand whether we're getting advice or we're getting counsel and then making decisions about how we move and back on.”

💡 Ideas to Marinate

When sifting through the overwhelming flood of information, Scott encourages you to ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I need to be paying attention now to now?

  • What parts of that thing do I need to be paying the most attention to? 

  • How do I have more intelligent conversations with my board?

  • How do I contribute to the conversation with my team members? 

  • How do I get access to tools and resources that can help me move forward?

We get that you aren't just looking for more information, you need a trusted guide to cut through the chaos. 

This is why we’re pumped to be partnering with Scott to deliver you a solution: AI Mavericks


AI Mavericks: Your Shortcut to AI Domination in the New Era

So, you've unlocked the secret weapon of top performers in the digital age: continuous learning, especially when it comes to AI.

What if you could join a community designed to help you continuously expand your skills, mindsets and vision?

One tailored to the unique challenges facing modern founders and leaders.

That’s the idea behind AI Mavericks — the world’s first AI-focused mastermind for ambitious founders ready to tap into technology's immense potential.

AI Mavericks is your shortcut to AI clarity. It’s an AI and business growth community designed to help you:

  • Cut through the overwhelm: Get clarity on the AI strategies that matter most for your business, leaving unnecessary distractions behind.

  • Access trusted guidance: Connect with peers facing similar challenges and learn from experts who've been in your shoes.

  • Stay adaptable: With in-person events, virtual deep dives, and 'grab and go' resources, you'll constantly evolve your AI knowledge alongside industry shifts.

  • Implement with confidence: Get the tools and personalized plans to turn AI insights into action, not just concepts.

Growth requires more than ideas alone

That's why AI Mavericks members also enjoy exclusive bonuses designed to catalyze results. This includes:

  • A complete AI Business Audit from us, Caveminds, encompassing a tailored roadmap to integrate AI across your full business framework.

  • A comprehensive AI Technical Audit by Kahoa that ensures your AI platform is not only optimally integrated into your business strategy.

  • And to stay on the cutting edge, members get VIP access to the world's premier AI conference AI CON 2024 for you and two Team Leaders.

These real-world assets help members execute on their vision with speed and confidence from day one.

With both high-level strategy and on-the-ground support, members gain an invaluable edge in leveraging AI to drive their business into the stratosphere.

Building trust was something people wanted. We learned [that] it would be helpful to go through a department, go through sales, then go through marketing, and for each one of those things, teach us a lesson. What are the tools? What have you tested? What's the upside?

A Community Like No Other

In joining AI Mavericks, you’re not just gaining access to a network.

You’re becoming part of an elite cadre of founders, CEOs, and leadership teams, all united by the shared vision of leveraging AI for strategic growth.

The club is exclusive by design, capped at 100 members globally. Like minds collaborating towards a shared vision of growth.

For those ready to future-proof their potential, this is your tribe.


French AI startup Mistral is challenging the big players in AI with two major releases:

  1. Mistral Large: This new language model beats out top competitors on key benchmarks, putting Mistral on the radar as a serious contender.

  2. Le Chat: Mistral's open-source ChatGPT alternative is here, giving users a hands-on way to experience model performance before using their API.

Le Chat lets you test out Mistral Large for free directly through your web browser before committing to their Azure API.

How to Get Started with 'Le Chat'

  • Head to the Mistral website (mistral.ai)

  • Find "Le Chat" on the homepage

  • Create an account or sign in with Google/Microsoft

  • Choose your model size (Large for maximum power)

  • Start chatting and see the results for yourself!

Meta researchers have unveiled MobileLLM, a new breed of smaller, optimized AI models designed specifically for mobile devices.

Key Takeaways:

  • MobileLLM can outperform traditional models that rely on massive datasets. 

  •  Early results show MobileLLM is 2.7% more accurate than similar-sized models, making it ideal for tasks like in-app chat and API calls.

  • MobileLLM paves the way for advanced AI features without sacrificing device performance or relying heavily on cloud connectivity.

Why it Matters: We're on the verge of an explosion in AI-powered smartphone features, and MobileLLM hints at exciting possibilities for faster, more responsive AI experiences. This could also lead to more privacy-conscious AI. By running models locally on your device, less data needs to be sent to the cloud.

That’s it for today’s Future Friday!

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